English Tradition,
Italian Passion

The English gentleman’s historic elegance blends with Italian creativity and quality.


A recognisable English-inspired style. Aristocratic with quality and excellence in patterns, fabrics and tailoring manufacturing. These are Holliday & Brown features – a brand founded in London in 1926. 

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The unique designs and motifs from its glorious past are today skilfully researched, and contemporarily reinterpreted. Brand history and roots are a guide and inspiration for its tie collections which are the Brand's core business along with pochettes, scarves, bandanas, bow ties and ascots.

The Holliday & Brown's uniqueness lies in its consolidated history, the stylistic heritage of its extraordinary Archive and its Made in Italy, Made in Como, and Made in Mantero vertical production chain.

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A historic company with English tailoring roots.


At the beginning of the 20th century, the Brown family owned haute couture stores for men's clothing in the historic Mayfair district. The area had been the home of the best British craftsmanship since 1819. The brave and visionary Aubrey Brown sensed that there was room in the men's fashion world for a specialist to design and distribute silk for ties. In 1919 he opened his store in the famous Burlington Arcade.

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In 1926, he founded "Holliday & Brown Ltd" with his family friend Mr Holliday. It was a brand of ties with unmistakable prints and unique and elegant colours. When Aubrey died, his brother Basil and son Colin took over the business, after moving to the historic Coach and Horses Yards headquarters. After working at Harrods, and printing and weaving work experiences, Colin acquired the trade’s techniques and secrets and became Art Director. Later, he became responsible for the entire family business. During the thrilling 1960s, Holliday & Brown became an internationally renowned name of excellence. During the 1970s and 1980s, which were revolutionary for art, music and fashion, the Brand, in its legendary Pink House headquarters, consolidated its position as leader of the British male style. Its prints with large British motifs and eccentric colours were its hallmark. In the 1990s, the Holliday & Brown headquarters moved to Savile Row, the famous address of the most essential and well-known tailoring workshops in the world and synonymous with elegance. The Brand was purchased in 2002 by Mantero Seta which jealously maintained the company's glorious past, and laid the foundations for building an important future.

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An incredible

A century of history, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.


The vast and fascinating, Holliday & Brown Archive is composed of 118 leather-bound volumes with thousands of original samples, endless creations covering almost a century of history, and catalogued chronologically. This incredible heritage is kept at Lake Como – the place that made silk famous all over the world and where the Mantero Group merged the Brand's British history with the district's silk tradition and the Italian savoir-faire. A magical landscape that provides the Brand with the perfect setting and highlights its exclusivity.

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Opening a book and discovering its huge creative heritage is a fascinating experience which plunges the observer into the history of male elegance. Even today, this Archive is still our creative team's primary source of inspiration. The archive modernity lies in its originality. Among endless and beautiful classic motifs such as polka dots, regimental stripes, micro-motifs, there are eccentric and unique designs for ties such as large and spaced retro geometric patterns, creative stripes and paisley.

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Unique accessories for men are rich in history but with a contemporary twist.


The collections motifs and patterns are taken from the Archives and contemporarily reinterpreted to create unique jacquard fabrics and refined patterns and designs. Ties and accessories with a modern and an elegant touch, the perfect match between english tradition and italian excellence. A careful design that focuses on quality in every step: the study of colours, the choice of materials, tailoring manufacturing.

Made in Como

The silk road has never been so close - a production chain anchored in the region.


A vertically integrated production chain is a founding element, and one of the central Brand values. Controlling all the different manufacturing phases is a privilege for the few. The creation and development cycle - Archive research, the study of design, weaving and printing - is managed within Mantero, the undisputed leader in the production of high-range textile accessories. Talent, imagination, precision and passion are the essential ingredients used by weaving and printing professionals to obtain perfect high-quality fabrics and unique and exclusive prints.

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